torstai 19. joulukuuta 2013

Englanninkielisen Media and Arts koulutusohjelman ennakkotehtävät julkaistu!

Ammattikorkeakoulujen englanninkielisten koulutusohjelmien yhteishaku 7.1. - 11.2.2014!

Englanninkielinen Median koulutusohjelma saa uuden opintopolun ensi vuoden aloittavien opiskelijoiden myötä. "Music Production" ja "Interactive Media" opintopolkujen rinnalla aloittaa "Fine Art" opintopolku.

Julkaisemme alla linkit ennakkotehtäviin ja alunperin englanninkielisessä Art&Media blogissamme julkaistun jutun asian tiimoilta.

Our Degree Programme in Media will next year include three study paths; Interactive Media, Music Production and a new one - Fine Art.

You will find the pre-tasks for year 2014 from the links below. Each study path has a pre-task - you are welcome to check them all but please finally choose only one study path / pre-task.
Fine Art
Interactive Media
Music Production
These main paths are divided into sub study paths (e.g Game and Web Design, Music Business and Event Production, Photography, Moving image, Site Related and Communal Art) which will help students in choosing their field of expertise. Choosing studies across other study paths is also possible.

The programme leads to the Bachelor of Culture and Arts Degree in four years. The language used is English.

Application time: January 7 - February 11
This is the application period for degree programmes of Finnish universities of applied sciences that are run in English. Application time for Finnish programmes begins in March.

Please find all practical information related to the application at:

Images from the pre-task of each study path